Amiga Addict Magazine Issue 05

Amiga Addict 5

Orders for the latest issue of Amiga Addict are now open as the monthly opus heads to printers. But what can you find in issue 5?

The unmissable monthly Amiga magazine that recalls the golden age of gaming with a thoroughly 21st century approach (while being produced on Amigas) boasts its very first coverdisk (virtual, of course) along with a giveaway and feature based on UFO: Enemy Unknown and the X-COM series.

Here’s the full lineup:

  • UFO: Enemy Unknown & the X-COM game series.
  • Our first Amiga Addict downloadable coverdisk.
  • Amiga Addict competition to win a signed Danny Flynn UFO limited edition giclĂ©e print!
  • News of our exclusive Antstream Supercars 2 gaming tournament, plus exclusive chat with Barry Leitch.
  • Slayers of High Toro reviewed.
  • Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons reviewed.
  • The story of OctaMED with Teijo Kinnunen.
  • SWAG usergroup feature.
  • Plus lots lots more..!

You can pre-order issue 5 of Amiga Addict now – head to the Amiga Addict website and place your order today!