Creator of Duke Nukem Forever Confirms Potential Validity of E3 2001 Build Lead

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How do these people get their hands on things like this?

A leaker claims to have a copy of the E3 2001 exclusive build for Duke Nukem Forever, and legendary producer George Broussard confirms that there is a good chance it’s real.

If it exists, it isn’t safe against internet exposers. Whether people pay for sensitive information or find it themselves, it’s only a matter of time until someone finds value in revealing it to the community.

Duke Nukem Forever was revealed at E3 2001. However, the same build used at the gaming convention has fallen into the hands of an unknown leaker only known as “xor.”

Xor claims that the Duke Nukem Forever (the sequel to Duke Nukem 3D) build he has is legit. According to a report on Polygon, most of the game is playable – or at least accessible- explains the status of the different parts of the in-game content.

Despite this leak’s apparent validity, producer Broussard warns users to “temper expectations” in a tweet directly responding to the alleged leaked Duke Nukem Forever content. He admits that the build appears to be credible, however, he notes that its hardly worth experiencing since it’s incomplete. 

Beyond that, Broussard also expresses his lack of desire to make any further comments on the matter. He does want potential participants to know that it’s “just a smattering of barely populated test levels.”

From the developer’s point of view, leaks have been a massive part of both positive and negative perceptions of their passion projects. In this case, it doesn’t appear that Broussard is particularly receptive to this leak. However, he also hasn’t done or said anything publicly to bash the leaker negatively.

The leaker – on the other hand – plans to release this build later this year, claiming that “most” of the game’s content is accessible. Although Broussard’s team built the game on the original Unreal Engine, it’s still a work of art to many fans of the Duke Nukem franchise.