GOG Returns to Classic PC Gaming


GOG has released another update this month, solidifying its mission to “become the best place for classic PC games.”

PC gaming has long been in the background of more conventional gaming options like arcades and consoles. This is due mainly to PC gaming being more complex than traditional couch gaming.

Few will argue in favor of the complicated experience of building a PC and making it powerful enough to run larger games compared to flicking a switch on a console. However, as PC gaming has become exceedingly more accessible than in the past, a surge of PC gamers has flooded the gaming scene.

As expected, more and more companies sought to grab their piece of the pie, while GOG – originally coined “Good Old Games” – seeks to reclaim its zone, according to their most recent update. 

The article notes that GOG’s existence is to allow PC gamers to “play older games in a legal and easy-to-use way.” They continue with, “As the classic games hold a special place in our heart, we’d like to devote more attention to highlighting them. It means that our goal is for GOG to become, once again, the best place for the classic PC games.”

Their resolve is pure. GOG’s vision is to ensure that all PC gamers have access to the games that helped pioneer PC gaming. However, an idea is void without a mission. Luckily for us, they’ve included precisely how they expect to achieve this goal in the update.

The company notes that it doesn’t want to “simply release the games” that are already available. They expect to make every game that comes to their platform fully accessible, and sometimes, that means fixing them – similar to how this German developer fixed Super Mario 64, making it run 6 times faster.

Other essential notes correlate to their plans for release, such as Throwback Thursdays, which is a celebration of older titles in a way that takes players behind the scenes of some of their favorite titles. They will also be adding a unique “Good Old Game” tag on more than 500 games the GOG team has “deemed iconic classics.

GOG has big plans for the future, and we cannot wait to see what’s in store when they post more updates about classic PC gaming.